Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement Amounts

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Traumatic brain injuries can be devastating. Working with experienced legal counsel could maximize your traumatic brain injury settlement. Traumatic brain injury (TBI) symptoms aren’t always apparent. 

Comas and permanent disabilities could be the direct effects, but you may not realize how other TBI effects are more subtle. Head injuries are unlike other injuries, and traumatic brain injuries are unique due to these factors:

TBI Hospitalizations

TBIs are more likely to require hospitalization due to their severity. TBIs typically result in more extended hospital stays. Hospitals can be costly, and according to the National Institute of health, they charge thousands of dollars for TBIs.  

TBI Treatment Costs

Medical care costs continue to skyrocket but especially when you’ve suffered a severe brain injury. Surgeries could double these costs. Brain injuries require special attention, which comes at a premium. You don’t have to settle for less care. Legal funding professionals can support you while you wait. 

TBI Effects On Your Daily Life

Hospital stays and medical care procedures aren’t permanent, but TBIs can have lasting consequences. It will affect your ability to work in the future, the quality of your life, and could bring on other detrimental conditions like depression. 

Traumatic Brain Injuries

Head injuries are a far too common result of car accidents, medical malpractice, and other acts deemed negligible. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that In 2014, an average of 155 people in the United States died each day from injuries that include a TBI.

Victims may assume they are fine when their MRI or CT scans come back normal, but it could be months or years before they experience their head injury’s ongoing effects. If you’re a TBI victim and you’re functioning normally in the short term, you face increased risks of Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, and depression. 

Doctors aren’t perfect and they may miss your TBI symptoms. If you’re experiencing ongoing headaches or memory loss, then you may be feeling TBIs lasting effects within your body. TBIs require persistent vigilance and neuropsychological testing, which could reveal problems that weren’t apparent in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Just because you haven’t demonstrated glaring signs of brain trauma does not mean that you’re unaffected. TBI treatments will be unpredictable, expensive, and the effects can be life-changing. Get the support you need while you or your loved one is dealing with this difficult condition. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Attorneys

Every state has tort laws that allow TBI victims to recover compensation from any negligent parties responsible for their injuries. TBI diseases could dramatically impact a victim’s present and future life. 

That’s why it is imperative for TBI victims to hire a lawyer. Establishing the long-term implications of a brain injury is a legal challenge. Working with a lawyer that understands the nuances of these traumas could prove beneficial. 

Your personal injury lawyer will collaborate with other experts, including neuropsychologists, economists, and vocational experts, to determine how much a victim’s wage-earning capacity has decreased. 

After assessing your losses, your team can make a plan for your future medical needs. Once your TBI attorney has a clear understanding of the causes of your injuries, their effects, costs, and a hypothesis for their future ramification, then they can begin negotiating your traumatic brain injury settlement amount. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement Averages

Typically your traumatic brain injury settlement will start with negotiations. It can be difficult to put a solid figure on how much an average traumatic brain injury settlement amount may be due to its long-term implications.

Accident victims are under horrendous physical and emotional pain, and TBIs make these matters worse. TBIs may be creating a heavier financial toll on victims that encourages them to rush into a settlement to proceed with their lives. 

Due to the nature of TBIs, it could be better to take a more patient approach. An unrushed healing process can help you and your lawyers better understand what your future needs could be. The more time you take, the more info you can gather. The more information you have about your injuries, the more compensation you could earn. 

TBI Costs and Settlements

Identifying how much a settlement may be worth in your accident will depend upon the details of your collision. Getting a doctor’s opinion and diagnosis of all your injuries and having regular check-ups can help you grasp the extent of your TBI.

Medical bills can be recuperated in personal injury law cases as economic damages.  The emotional distress caused by your unfortunate medical expenses caused in your accident could result in more monetary compensation by way of non-economic damages. 

The lost income caused by your physical injury and your inability to work, property damages, pain and suffering, and the cost of that missing income and job loss will also be added to your available amount of damages that could be awarded in your personal injury claim. 

Brain Injury Settlements

Brain injury lawsuit settlements vary, particularly between mild brain injury and severe brain injury settlements. Someone who suffered a severe injury and has been immediately incapacitated, as a result, could receive a multi-million dollar settlement.  

Those who only experience mild brain trauma symptoms can pursue their cases because it may be years before you see the full impact of a brain injury. Proactively pursuing compensation may prove beneficial to you and your loved ones. 

You might be facing millions of dollars in medical expenses and have no means for collecting compensation because the at-fault party was uninsured. However, working with a legal funding professional can help you assess your injury-related costs and pursue whatever options are available.

Brain injuries can impact your whole family, and that’s why they could also bring claims on behalf of the victim, their spouse, or children. A child of TBI victim experiences substantial trauma, and it will alter their relationship with an invaluable person in their lives. Financial support can buffer the effects of your loss through a personal injury claim. 

Money can’t replace a spouse’s or parent’s presence in the home, but a fair settlement can ease the financial burdens so your family can focus on dealing with their trauma and supporting the victim with recovery.

Multiply any direct damage costs by a factor of somewhere between 1.5 to 4 to estimate your total settlement amount. Calculating your losses and providing evidence of your damages will have a pronounced effect on your traumatic brain injury settlement amount. 

Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement Loan

Personal injury loans, also known as lawsuit cash advances or pre-settlement funding, allow TBI victims to get their cash pre-settlement when they are expecting to win. This may be beneficial to head injury victims who have medical bills they can’t afford due to being out of work because of their accident.  

TBI settlement loans are not like other loans because the interest rate of a lawsuit settlement advance is not based on your credit. TBI settlement loans are based on how likely you are to win and receive money in your settlement. 

To qualify for a TBI settlement loan, you need to meet three criteria:

  • You must be at least 18 years old or older.
  • You have hired a personal injury attorney on a contingency plan.
  • You have a TBI claim against an insurance company or other entity that can pay your damages.

TBI Settlement Loan Process

After your legal team files an eligible lawsuit, you can apply for a personal injury loan. Then your TBI lawsuit loan company will assess the merits of your case and the chances of you settling winning the lawsuit. They will collaborate with your injury attorney to exchange relevant information then decide whether or not to offer you an advance.

Your lawsuit loan company will buy your right to all or a portion of your TBI settlement or lawsuit award for you to receive your loan while the case is still active. You will be charged interest and fees but typically aren’t expected to make payments until your case is completed. 

How Pinnacle Legal Funding Can Help

Pinnacle Legal Funding understands that you’ve already endured so much, and we’re here to have your back. We provide low-risk options that reduce the amount of time you spend waiting on your settlement.  Our services fill in the gaps where payment delays occur.

Financial Support While You Await Your Traumatic Brain Injury Settlement

We know injuries add to your daily expenses plus other additional burdens like medical bills, repairs, special therapies, and assistance. The legal process can be lengthy, confusing, intimidating, and emotionally draining. Most people don’t have the savings to take their time to heal after an accident. Pinnacle Legal Funding understands that your life won’t wait for your TBI settlement, and we are here to support you. 

Your personal injury lawyers want to offer you the best support that they can. However, they’re unable to provide financial support to you. Pinnacle Legal Funding can handle your personal injury lawsuit loan so that you can begin paying off some of your important debts and bills. Give us a call today to find out more.

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