Wyoming is known for its stunning landscapes, scenic roads, and low population density.

However, like other states, people act negligently in Wyoming, and accidents can occur, turning people’s lives upside down. According to the Wyoming Department of Transportation Highway Safety Program, the state had 13,569 traffic crashes in 2022, nearly 2,011 of which caused severe injuries.

These accidents often leave many families grappling with mounting medical bills, everyday expenses, lost wages, and rent while they wait for the resolution of their cases.

If you are in a financial crisis due to injuries and are unable to pay your bills or cover your expenses, contact us. Pinnacle can offer you a lifeline, providing the financial assistance you need to pursue your personal injury lawsuit and get back on your feet. We have provided pre-settlement funds to many people across Wyoming and helped them during challenging times.

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Understanding Pre-settlement Funding in Wyoming

Pre-settlement funding is a form of financial aid provided to an injured person who suffered injuries in an accident so they can tackle the financial challenges they are facing while pursuing their lawsuit.

Although it might sound similar to a lawsuit loan, it is not. You do not need to repay it if the court’s decision is not in your favor. It bridges the gap between filing a lawsuit and receiving the settlement amount, aiming to not only accrue interest but also put your life back on track.

You can use your pre-settlement fund to:

  • Replace lost income
  • Pay your rent or mortgage 
  • Cover your daily living costs, including utilities and groceries
  • Cover medical expenses, including therapy and surgery
  • Rebuild or replace damaged property
  • Pay for other expenses

The state’s general consumer protection laws also apply to Wyoming legal funding agreements to protect you from unfair practices. Generally, the average interest rate on pre-settlement funds ranges from 2% to 4% per month.

How to Obtain a Pre-settlement Fund for Your Case From Pinnacle Legal Funding

As every case is unique, it would depend on the facts of your case whether you can obtain pre-settlement funding. However, there are certain factors that Pinnacle considers before granting the fund:

  • Viable personal injury lawsuit: Pinnacle examines your situation to see whether a personal injury lawsuit exists. If it exists, it will qualify you for pre-settlement funding.
  • Merit of the case: We review your case to evaluate its strength. In other words, we predict your liabilities and the compensation amount you might receive to calculate a fair amount of funds we can grant you. Therefore, the more compensation anticipated in your case, the more lawsuit funding you can obtain.
  • Attorney cooperation: If you have appointed an attorney, which is usually the case, we will collaborate with them to learn about your personal injury claim. Although we are highly cooperative, we must foresee your case’s potential before releasing funds. So, it depends on your lawyer, how cooperative they are, and how well they present your case to us.
  • Insurance coverage: Pinnacle considers the insurance policy of the defendant or the party who caused your injuries to release the funds. For instance, if an Uber driver caused your injuries, Pinnacle can readily release a substantial fund, given their million-dollar policy.
  • Type or severity of injuries: If your injuries are severe, it will likely increase your compensation value and chances of a favorable outcome. Thus, your chances of getting a pre-settlement fund from Pinnacle will be high as well.
  • Likelihood of settlement: When the chances of settling are high in your case, it will also increase the prospect of approving your fund for Pinnacle.
  • Current financial needs: Pinnacle considers your financial needs and releases funds according to them. The funding will not grant you more than you need, as it only aims to put you back on your feet financially.

Why Should You Choose Pinnacle Legal Funding for Pre-settlement Funding?

Unlike other pre-settlement funding companies, Pinnacle operates nationwide and is dedicated to assisting you during this challenging time, alleviating your financial burden and mental stress. We regulate our business in compliance with all consumer-friendly laws and stay updated with them to protect your best interests.

Listen to how our past clients felt after working with us:

“I was so panicked. My landlord was threatening to evict us, and all of our bills were past due. None of it was our fault. We didn’t cause the accident – but we couldn’t work. Pinnacle helped us survive until we could get back on our feet after the accident.” – Jean Arnaud

Method of Funding

When it comes to granting pre-settlement funds, Pinnacle has a simple procedure. The entire paperwork process is smooth and easy. You can expect money in your bank account within 24 hours after completing the paperwork.

Pressure to Settle Your Case

You have exclusive authority to make decisions in your case. Pinnacle will neither influence your decisions nor pressure you to expedite the settlement process. Instead, we will take care of your financial needs, so you do not have to accept a lowball settlement offer from the defendant or their insurer to tackle your expenses.

Interest Rates

Pinnacle does not charge compound interest or variable rates on the advance like other Wyoming lawsuit loan companies. Pinnacle has a cap and charges simple interest. Furthermore, our rates are fixed and fully transparent.

Other Requirements

Lenders check your credit score, verify your employment, and evaluate your assets before granting Wyoming lawsuit loans to see whether you can repay them in the future. However, Pinnacle does not follow this criteria to provide funds. We provide non-recourse funds, meaning you do not have to repay them if the court decision is not in your favor. Thus, Pinnacle only evaluates the strength of your case and provides funds based on your expected compensation amount without considering these factors.

How Does Pre-settlement Funding Work?

A pre-settlement fund bridges the financial gap from filing the lawsuit to winning the settlement. It provides financial assistance when you need it most and takes care of all of your expenses.

There are some steps you need to follow to get pre-settlement funds from Pinnacle Legal Funding:

File Application

First, you need to file your application with us. It’s simple and does not take long. Pinnacle representatives will guide you throughout the process and make the whole application process smooth.

Case Evaluation

After you submit the application, we will review your case and evaluate its potential. It usually includes sitting down with your attorney and learning about your case’s strengths and weaknesses and the expected settlement amount for your damages.

Funding Approval

After considering all the factors of your case, Pinnacle decides whether to release the fund or deny your request. If we find your case strong and the chances of settling are high, we will present you with a funding offer for your consideration. The offer amount varies depending on your case’s potential.

For instance, if someone is unfortunately hit by a negligent truck driver, it becomes easier for us to approve a significant amount of funds. Trucking companies typically have a minimum coverage policy of $750,000, which can extend up to $3,000,000.

Agreement and Disbursement

If you accept the offer, Pinnacle will enter into an agreement with you. The terms of the agreement include:

  • Advance amount
  • Interest rate
  • Repayment obligations

Once your agreement is finalized, Pinnacle will release the agreed cash advance. It is usually in your bank account within 24 hours.

Types of Lawsuits We Fund in Wyoming

We provide funds for all personal injury lawsuits, including:

Lawyer and client calculating case expenses

Contact Pinnacle Legal Funding Today to Get Financial Assistance

Pinnacle recognizes that personal injury accidents can be one of the most painful and challenging experiences in a person’s life. You not only need to focus on your recovery but also face significant financial challenges. If you are the sole breadwinner, things can become even more challenging because the entire family depends on you.

If you have suffered injuries caused by someone else and the future feels uncertain, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We have helped numerous people in Wyoming pursue their personal injury claims by providing funds and getting them back on their feet financially.

You deserve fair compensation and a better life. Lack of financial need should not be a barrier to pursuing a lawsuit, getting the compensation you deserve, and receiving the best medical treatment. Additionally, our fund is non-recourse and risk-free, so you do not have repay it like traditional lawsuit settlement loans if the outcome of your case is not in your favor.

Don’t suffer alone or compromise on your case. Call us at 1-877-4438-634 or contact us online and take the first step to secure the financial support you need to get your life back on track.