If you have filed a civil or personal injury lawsuit against someone in Oregon, chances are that you are in a financial bind. Injuries mean high medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Even with insurance, treatment, rehabilitation, and ongoing care costs can be substantial.

Not to mention the defendant or their insurance company is probably using delay tactics at every step of the negotiations, hoping that you will become desperate enough to accept a smaller settlement than you deserve.

We at Pinnacle Legal Funding are here to help you overcome this situation. We offer pre-settlement loans — legal funding or lawsuit loans — as a financial lifeline to injured victims. Unlike traditional bank loans, our lawsuit cash advances are not only faster to obtain, but they are non-recourse loans, which means you don’t have to return the loan if you don’t receive a financial settlement or verdict in your favor.

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Your credit history or employment status does not matter for receiving our pre-settlement funding. Contact us at Pinnacle Legal Funding at 1-877-4-FUNDING and receive the following benefits:

  • Competitive lawsuit financing rates with no hidden or upfront charges
  • Settlement funding from $500 to $100,000, based on the specific value of your claim
  • Completely no-risk loans. You pay us back only if your case is successful
  • Fast loan approvals, usually within 24 to 48 hours

How Does Lawsuit Funding Work in Oregon?

Pre-settlement funding provides financial support while your lawsuit is ongoing. It’s a way to access part of your potential settlement before your case is resolved, whether through an out-of-court settlement or a jury verdict. Using our loans, you can cover all your living costs, including:

  • Medical expenses such as hospital stays, surgeries, medication, physical therapy, and any ongoing medical treatments
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Car payments
  • Household repairs
  • Utility bills
  • Groceries
  • Childcare costs like daycare, babysitters, afterschool programs
  • School or college tuition, books, and related supplies
  • Credit card debt
  • Transportation costs

Since lawsuits can take several months or years to settle in Oregon, you may feel pressured to reach an agreement with the other side, especially if you are struggling to afford your living costs. Our job is to make sure you are not taken advantage of. A pre-settlement loan will give you the much-needed breathing space to focus on your legal proceedings, without worrying about your day-to-day expenses.

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The best part about these loans is that they are “non-recourse.” Unlike conventional loans you get from a bank, non-recourse means the funding is provided with the understanding that if you do not obtain a positive outcome for your case, you are not required to repay it. Simply put, our lawsuit settlement loans are 100% risk-free for you. If you win, the pre-settlement lawsuit loan is then repaid from what you receive. The repayment terms, including any fees or interest, are outlined in the contract you sign when you receive the funding.

Remember that getting Oregon pre-settlement funding should remain the same as how your case is handled or its final result. It’s only meant to help you afford to wait for a better, fairer offer. Working with a reliable lender means the advance will not influence the court’s decision or the negotiation process in your lawsuit. Pinnacle Legal Funding never gets involved in how our clients’ attorneys handle their cases — we don’t play a role in deciding the final legal strategy.

Are You Eligible for Pre-Settlement Funding in Oregon?

Litigation funding is legal under Oregon’s laws, but that doesn’t mean everyone who applies for it automatically qualifies. To determine whether you’re a candidate, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You should have a personal injury case: This includes car accidents, slip and falls, medical malpractice, and injuries at work, i.e., any claim where it clearly shows that someone was negligent and you suffered damages as a result.
  • Your lawsuit needs to have a good shot at success: Regardless of which Oregon lawsuit funding company you choose, they will look at the likelihood of you winning or settling your case favorably.
  • You must be represented by an attorney licensed in Oregon: If your lawyer is charging fixed or hourly legal fees, it shows that they do not have much faith in your case (or their abilities). Make sure you hire them on a contingency basis — “no win, no fee” — only. If you are representing yourself, you are unlikely to get approved.
  • You are the plaintiff: Oregon settlement loans are specifically meant for plaintiffs. If you are the one filing the lawsuit and waiting for a settlement or jury verdict, you are eligible.

Benefits of Working with Pinnacle Legal Funding

Our non-recourse lawsuit loans bring key benefits for plaintiffs in tough financial situations while they wait for their cases to close.

Get the money you need in 24 hours

Most applications we receive are approved within a day, and the funds are released into the clients’ accounts within 24 hours after that. Why so fast? Because our cash advances are given based on the strength of the lawsuit rather than your creditworthiness or income. We evaluate how much potential settlement or judgment amount you might receive and how likely you are to win your case. Unlike banks and some lawsuit loan companies, we do not conduct extensive credit checks.

Hold out for a better offer   

Having Oregon legal funding gives your lawyer more time to negotiate a higher settlement since you no longer have any pressing financial needs. Your legal team can, thus, afford to be more patient. They can work on collecting more evidence to strengthen your case so the defendant’s side has no option but to present you with the most substantial offer. This is a good way to level the playing field, especially against well-funded defendants who might otherwise use stalling tactics.

No need for collateral or stellar credit

We do not require you to put up collateral, nor do we investigate your credit or employment history. An Oregon lawsuit loan is strictly non-recourse — the repayment is contingent on winning the pending lawsuit or settling the case. You can say that Pinnacle Legal Funding is essentially investing in your lawsuit’s outcome. As long as we believe that you have a good chance of winning, that’s all we need to give you the advance. Our focus is on the merits and value of your legal claim rather than your financial situation.

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Quick access to the care you need

If you need more health insurance coverage or savings, our Oregon lawsuit loans can bridge that gap. You do not have to wait for the at-fault party to pay the tens of thousands of dollars you need for your treatment, surgeries, physical therapy, or home modifications. Without this loan, you might have to delay critical care, which can turn a bad injury into a worse one with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Additional funding is possible

If your case is taking longer than expected or additional expenses come up, you might be able to obtain more funds. If the additional time and expenses have increased the potential settlement amount, it makes the case more valuable, and our underwriters might see it as a good investment to approve you for more money. We will consider how far your case has progressed and the current standing in negotiations or trial proceedings. If your prospects have remained strong or improved, you are more likely to get extra funding.

Obtaining Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans Is Easy with Us

Getting a lawsuit cash advance from Pinnacle Legal Funding is as easy as clicking a few buttons on your phone.

Complete your application online

Fill out this short online form to apply for Oregon legal funding. Make sure to keep your case details handy. The form will ask you to provide your contact information, your attorney or law firm’s contact details, the type of accident you filed the case for, and the amount you are requesting. There is no application fee or upfront charge.

We provide lawsuit cash advances for a wide range of civil cases, including:

  • Personal injury lawsuits 
  • Medical malpractice claims
  • Workers’ compensation cases
  • Product liability cases
  • Wrongful death claims
  • Slip and fall cases
  • Motor vehicle accident claims (car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, boating accidents)

Give us 24 to 48 hours to evaluate your application

We ask for your attorney’s contact information because we need to talk to them to understand the full picture. We will discuss the expected timeline of the case, the chances of winning, the estimated settlement/judgment amount, and anything else that affects your case’s value. This will help us determine the amount of money we can lend you.

Make sure you inform your lawyer about your application so they can be prepared for this communication and respond quickly. The faster we can complete this step, the sooner you will get the money. Also, knowing that you now have our financial backing, your lawyer might be more willing to push for the maximum possible compensation.

Get same-day funding

If we are convinced that the evidence is in your favor, our underwriters will authorize your request. We will then send you and your lawyer the loan contract, outlining all the terms and conditions, including the loan amount, the rate of interest, how the interest will accrue, any fees, and the repayment terms.

Once you both sign the contract and return it to us, we will transfer the money directly to your bank account within 24 hours.

Pinnacle Legal Funding: Your Trusted Partner in Oregon for Settlement Loans

If you are still on the fence and not sure whether teaming up with our pre-settlement funding company is a smart move, consider this:

  • We offer loans starting from $500 to $100,000, depending on your needs so you do not have to go to multiple lenders. 
  • We provide loans in all 39 U.S. states where legally allowed, so no matter where you live, our services are always aligned with your local regulations. 
  • You will get all the details upfront, including the costs, the process, and how we transfer funds. 
  • Your bad credit or inconsistent job history does not matter to us, only your legal claim does.  
  • We do not ask for repayment unless and until your case settles. No monthly payments are needed. 
  • We have some of the lowest rates in the industry (as low as 2%).
  • We can advance you more money if your case lasts longer than expected.
  • Our non-recourse loans ensure you owe us nothing if you do not succeed. No win, no repayment.
  • You can get your funds in as little as 24 hours.

Our role is strictly limited to providing financial relief. We do not interfere with your case management or legal strategies. Think of us as a bank providing you with a loan — we do not get involved in how you use it or manage your case. Our interaction with your attorney is limited to the specifics of the funding arrangement, not how you decide to settle or proceed with the case. That decision rests entirely with you and your legal counsel. You do not have to worry about hidden clauses that give us any say in your legal matters.With Pinnacle Legal Funding, you get a partner who values your time and needs as much as you do. We understand the urgency of these situations, and that is why we have streamlined our process to get money into your bank account within a few days after you apply. If you have any questions or need help with the process, reach out at 1-877-4-FUNDING. Someone on our team will be happy to address your concerns. Feel free to start the application process today.