Waiting for a lawsuit settlement in New Jersey can be tough, especially because expenses do not pause. Your case can stretch over months or years. In the meantime, the healthcare costs — known to be exorbitant in New Jersey — keep piling up. On top of that, you have to make your home, car, and credit card payments even though you are probably facing wage loss as you recover from your injuries. All this can make it hard to keep up financially during the lengthy legal process.

That’s where we come in. At Pinnacle Legal Funding, we offer pre-settlement lawsuit loans to plaintiffs with a pending personal injury claim in New Jersey. Juggling your treatment and court visits is difficult enough — you should not have to worry about your medical bills, too. We can offer you a cash advance against what you will eventually receive in your settlement.

All you need to do is fill out this online application or call us at 1-877-4-FUNDING to start the process. Our team will take care of the rest. We are ready to provide anywhere from $500 to $100,000, possibly within 24 hours of approval.

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Apply for a New Jersey Lawsuit Loan Today

We have a user-friendly process designed to be hassle-free for everyone. Here is how it works:

Start with our short online form

Visit our website and find the application form. Fill in all the required fields with accurate information. This includes details about your case, the amount you need, and your attorney’s contact information. 

We fund a variety of personal injury cases, including:

  • Car accidents
  • Ride-sharing accidents (Uber, Lyft, Via, Gett)
  • Truck accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Bicycle accidents
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Boating accidents
  • Aviation accidents
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Dog bites and animal attacks
  • Defective medical devices
  • Medical malpractice
  • Nursing home abuse/elderly abuse 
  • Workers’ compensation 
  • Wrongful death

Wait for our review

Once you apply, our underwriters will carefully review your case. We understand the urgency and try to complete this process within a day.

Receive your funds upon approval

After we approve your application, you will receive the New Jersey lawsuit loans in your account in as little as 24 hours. We know time matters, so we work to ensure you get the financial support you need without unnecessary delays.

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How You Can Speed Up the Settlement Loan Process

We do have a streamlined process, but how quickly you are authorized for the lawsuit cash advance also depends on how prepared you and your attorney are. To approve you, we need to make sure that your case has a good chance of ending with a favorable outcome. This is why we ask for your lawyer or law firm’s contact information so we can directly discuss with them how likely you are to settle.

You can do your part in expediting your approval by informing your attorney that you have applied for the loan with us and that they should expect our call. This way, they can be ready with all the information they need to answer questions like:

  • What are the specifics of the case? What event led you to take legal action?
  • Who is at fault?
  • What type of injuries did you sustain? How serious and extensive are they?
  • What is the current status of the case? Have there been any pre-trial motions, depositions, or negotiations? Have there been any continuances or adjournments?
  • Does the defendant have enough insurance to cover the potential settlement or judgment amount?
  • Have there been any settlement discussions or offers?
  • What is the amount you are expecting from the settlement/verdict?
  • How long is the case expected to take?

For those representing themselves — qualifying for a lawsuit loan in New Jersey without having an attorney is highly unlikely. You have to understand that pre-settlement funding companies like ours need to evaluate the strength of your case before lending. We are betting on the outcome of your case since our loans are “non-recourse” in nature.

Working with a lawyer lowers this risk because it suggests that your case is serious and has merit. If you have not retained an attorney yet, consider doing so right away.

How New Jersey’s Comparative Fault Law Impacts Settlement Loans

The Garden State follows a modified comparative fault system for personal injury cases. If you are injured due to someone else’s negligence but you are also partially responsible, your compensation will be reduced by the percentage of your fault.

For example, if another driver collided with your car causing the crash while you were texting, you may be held 20% liable for the crash. In turn, your damages will be reduced by 20%. If you are awarded $100,000, you will only receive $80,000. Notably, because of the “modified” element, you can only receive compensation if you are found to be less than 50% responsible for your accident. If you are assigned 51% or more blame, you would not be eligible for any damages from the defendant.

When we review your pre-settlement loan application, this is an important factor. At Pinnacle Legal Funding, our goal is to assess the merits of your case, approve your loan application, and quickly release the pre-settlement funding to your account.

Why Choose Pinnacle Legal Funding for Pre-Settlement Funding in New Jersey?

When you are struggling to afford your day-to-day expenses, you want a financial solution that is simple and reliable — with no hidden traps. That is exactly what we offer.

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No collateral necessary

You do not have to put your house or car on the line to get New Jersey legal funding from us. The last thing you need during a lawsuit is the stress of risking your assets. The “collateral” is the potential settlement you may receive from the at-fault party. The amount you can borrow is based on the estimated value of your settlement. If your case is strong, that’s good enough for us.

No conditions on how you can spend the loan

Once you get the loan, how you spend it is your choice. Need to cover your prescription medications from your injury? Go ahead. Struggling with rent or groceries because you cannot work? That’s fine, too. You can use it to pay your car loans, student loans, credit card payments, babysitting services, child support payments, cab bills, or insurance premiums. There are no limits on what you can use the money for.

If you need to keep up with legal fees or court costs, the money is there for you. We provide the funds, you decide how to use them to make your life easier.

No-hassle application process

While some lawsuit loan companies might bog you down with extensive paperwork, in-person visits, and a seemingly endless back-and-forth, our entire application requires just a few simple clicks. You can begin from anywhere, at any time — whether you are at home, in a café, or on the go. 

No need to set foot in an office or schedule an appointment. We ask for only the essential information; no digging through years of financial history or compiling stacks of documents. Because of our streamlined, 100% digital approach, you and your lawyer do not need to gather, organize, print, or mail any documents.

Nationwide network

We operate in all 39 U.S. states where non-recourse lawsuit loans are legally allowed. Our broad geographic footprint means we can offer you greater flexibility in terms of New Jersey lawsuit funding amounts, terms, and the speed of service compared to other lenders. We have an established reputation in each state. Thanks to our large scale, we can offer more competitive interest rates (as low as 2%) compared to smaller, locally-based companies.

No need to undergo a credit check

We do not ask you to submit your credit score or call your employers to investigate your work history. Our decision to fund your case is based on its merits, not your financial past. Even if you have had issues with credit cards, loans, or employment gaps, these would not impact our assessment of your personal injury loans. If you have a solid case, that is all that matters to us.

No need to repay until you are compensated

Our pre-settlement legal funding model is built around your lawsuit’s timeline. You will not owe us a penny until your case is settled or you win a jury award and you receive compensation. We understand that most personal injury claims take several months or years to reach an outcome, so you would never have to worry about the added pressure of monthly loan repayments during this time. It’s our way of providing you with breathing room while your attorney does their best to push for the maximum possible damages.

Quick money disbursal upon approval 

If you have ever obtained a traditional bank loan, you know most lenders take several weeks to approve an application and wire the funds. Once we approve you, funds will be disbursed to your account within 24 hours — not days or weeks. Since we do not have to conduct multiple levels of approvals or background checks, you can measure your wait time in hours.

Once your application is complete and we have talked with your lawyer, we will aim to get the funds to you within one business day. Whether it is for immediate surgery, your mortgage payment, your children’s school fees, or simply for any other expenses, our goal is to provide you with quick financial relief.

Get Started With Your New Jersey Pre-Settlement Funding Application Now

Here is something you may not know: getting litigation funding from us may result in a higher settlement for you. If you have already filed the claim, you probably know that the insurance company or the defendant’s legal team is likely slowing things down on purpose. They are hoping that as your bills pile up, you will feel the pressure and agree to a quick offer that is less than what you could potentially get in court.But Pinnacle Legal Funding helps you hold your ground. Allow us to fund your financial needs today so you can focus on winning the maximum amount of damages you are entitled to. For more information or to apply, contact us at 1-877-4-FUNDING or complete this form.