Car accidents change lives in seconds, leaving the victims with painful injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, broken bones, and burns. They also cause emotional trauma that can lead to anxiety, depression, fear, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Then there’s the financial burden an event like this creates for victims.

After a car crash, you may wonder how you’ll pay for these added expenses caused by someone else, along with all your usual expenses. Car accident lawsuits provide a chance for you to recover these damages, though they take time to settle.

That means your financial strain will likely continue until your case is resolved unless you take action. To alleviate that burden, Missouri residents can get the financial relief they need through car accident settlement loans. Pinnacle Legal Funding is a trusted legal funding company that can help you eliminate the lengthy wait for your lawsuit or settlement reward.

Our quick and easy approval process can help you get your money immediately to save you from these financial pressures while you await compensation.

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How Medical Bills Are Paid After Car Accidents in Missouri

Car accident victims’ losses should be covered by the insurance company of the at-fault party. Since Missouri is an at-fault insurance coverage state, the person who caused the accident must pay for the injuries and property damage.

If you have medical payment coverage, your insurance could help you with these costs. Private health insurance can also pay your medical bills, though it is best to discuss this with your car accident lawyer first to understand your responsibility in paying the insurer back when collecting from a third party.

Some healthcare providers can also arrange a lien in exchange for treatment. However, if someone else caused your injuries, their insurance should pay your medical expenses. It often takes months or even years before settling a car accident case. In that time, your healthcare providers will not wait for payment.

Where does that leave you? If you file a car accident lawsuit or a personal injury lawsuit and you are working with an accident attorney, you may be able to get the money you need by applying for a car accident loan.

Understanding Legal Funding

Legal funding goes by a variety of other names—pre-settlement funding, lawsuit settlement loans, lawsuit loans, or pre-settlement loans. After a motor vehicle accident, you may need a car accident loan, though you should know that it’s not a loan in the traditional sense.

A car accident settlement loan is more like a cash advance that is provided based on the merits of your active car accident lawsuit under the representation of an attorney. This financial arrangement allows you to get a risk-free cash advance while you await a fair settlement in your auto accident case.

Car accident loans can be a tremendous benefit as they provide you with immediate access to the money you need to pay for medical treatment, cover lost wages, and protect you from falling behind on your mortgage payments and other financial obligations. If you have an active car accident lawsuit, you can rely on car accident settlement loans to protect your financial situation from spiraling out of control. Car accident loans are essentially a lifeline that will keep you afloat during this difficult time.

Is a Pre-Settlement Loan Worth It?

A Missouri car accident loan is often worth getting for those who have suffered serious injuries caused by negligent drivers. When your injuries are long-lasting, extensive, or permanent, you will likely receive a large settlement. However, you will likely also face a long legal battle. Since it takes time for pending lawsuits to conclude, pre-settlement funding through a car accident loan allows your attorney to have more time to recover compensation in your case.

The insurance company is in no hurry to issue your payout. It makes billions of dollars and isn’t strapped for cash. Large insurance companies know that you can’t afford to wait, and they hope that you’ll be much more desperate to settle than to wait for the full settlement amount you deserve.

When victims of motor vehicle accidents use car accident lawsuit funding, it takes away the desperation. Since Pinnacle Legal Funding provides a quick turnaround in as little as 24 hours, it works more like a car accident cash advance. You’ll have the pre-settlement funds in your account, and your attorney will have more time to pursue your compensation to the fullest.

Car accident loans let you reduce your stress and give you access to funds you can use however you’d like. Pay your bills, buy groceries, and cover your monthly expenses all at once as you proceed through the legal process.

Pinnacle Legal Funding has helped many personal injury victims get the money they need after a car accident through lawsuit loans. Apply today to get the pre-settlement funding you need now.

How Does a Car Accident Loan Work?

A car accident lawsuit loan is a simple, straightforward process. Pre-settlement funding does not work like actual loans. Rather than going to a bank, you go through legal funding companies. Pinnacle Legal Funding provides this type of cash advance to plaintiffs involved in an accident lawsuit.

Car accident lawsuit funding requires filling out an application with pertinent details about your case. You must also have an attorney representing you in your lawsuit to apply for a car accident loan. They do not need to approve of your decision to receive a lawsuit loan, however, they must provide details about your case and the potential outcomes.

Once you submit your application for an auto accident settlement loan, your case will be analyzed for risk and strength factors. If your lawyer feels confident your case is strong, your application will likely be approved.

Lawsuit funding for personal injury cases isn’t subject to the same lending laws as traditional types of loans. Additionally, your credit history will not be a factor in the consideration of your approval as it is with a bank loan. As a non-recourse type of loan, if you do not win your case, you do not need to pay back the amount borrowed. This is why car accident funding is such an asset for those who have auto accident claims.

If you are currently engaged in a car accident lawsuit, apply for car accident lawsuit funding with Pinnacle Legal Funding today.

How You Can Use Car Accident Settlement Loans in Missouri

With the representation of a personal injury law firm, victims of car crashes with an accident claim can apply for lawsuit funding. Our approval process is quick and easy, allowing you to access these funds within 24 to 48 hours.

You can use your accident loan to pay for any bills related to your medical care, weekly groceries, everyday expenses, property damage, utility bills, rent or mortgage, car payments, insurance, and much more.

Even injured plaintiffs with bad credit can still gain approval for these pre-settlement funds. This upfront money can help you get back on your feet while your lawyer fights for your compensation. There are no hidden fees either, which is why lawsuit loans provide an excellent solution for anyone who has been thrust into this situation after a bad car wreck.

Apply for Your Missouri Car Accident Loan Today

Pinnacle Legal Funding makes it easy to get the cash you need immediately through a lawsuit loan. Our ultimate goal is to keep this process simple for every injured victim to reduce their stress and burden while navigating the legal process.

We provide you with the financial assistance you need right away. Our simple application process is easy to complete. All you need is a strong claim against the at-fault driver in your auto accident lawsuit and an attorney representing your case. After we complete our review, you may have funds in your account in as little as 24 hours.

Everything can change after an accident. Someone else’s negligent driving caused your injuries that could require ongoing medical care for the rest of your life. It isn’t fair that you should wallow in debt while your lawyer works tirelessly to hold them accountable. You deserve to reduce the strain on your life to help you heal and move forward.

Pinnacle Legal Funding is committed to helping plaintiffs get a portion of their settlement upfront to minimize the financial impact these events tend to leave behind. Start your application today and find out how much money you can receive with a car accident loan! Contact us today.