Pre-settlement funding, often called lawsuit funding, legal funding, or lawsuit loans, provides a financial option for plaintiffs in personal injury cases. In your personal injury case, the insurance company may offer a settlement amount that is too low or deny your claim altogether. Personal injury lawsuits are the only way to pursue the compensation you deserve in these situations.

However, a personal injury lawsuit can take months or years before it is resolved through the avenues of Kentucky personal injury law. This means that plaintiffs must wallow in debt while awaiting a fair settlement. If you are stuck bearing the brunt of these financial impacts and your personal injury protection through your insurance simply isn’t enough to cover these expenses, Kentucky lawsuit loans are the ideal solution.

Choosing the right Kentucky lawsuit loan company ensures that you are compliant with state laws while eliminating your financial burden as you wait for your settlement funds. Pinnacle Legal Funding offers pre-settlement funding in Kentucky to give you the money you need now to reduce your financial strain during your pending lawsuit.

What Is Lawsuit Funding?

Lawsuit funding is also known as pre-settlement funding in Kentucky. It is also called a lawsuit loan, though lawsuit settlement loans are more similar to a cash advance rather than an actual loan. This financial arrangement allows you to access your settlement before your Kentucky lawsuit is officially resolved.

Lawsuit funding is not like traditional loans, bearing more resemblance to cash advances because you get your money upfront. You can use it for your medical bills, legal fees, and other living expenses, including your regular monthly payments for your everyday costs.

A pre-settlement loan helps you by giving the money you need to cover your expenses. This lawsuit cash advance is a great option for car accident victims as well as anyone with lawsuits involving personal injuries because it provides financial help that can additionally aid your case.

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Are Kentucky Lawsuit Loans Worth It?

Pre-settlement funding is often worth it for those who have endured car accidents with serious injury or permanent disfigurement. Pre-settlement loans are ideal when you’re expecting a large settlement and your lawyer doesn’t expect to lose.

Often, the insurance company will take its time to fund your compensation. As your financial resources diminish, you may become more desperate to settle rather than borrow money. A lawsuit cash advance eliminates your desperation, allowing you the luxury of more time while you get your cash right away. A Kentucky lawsuit loan gives your attorney more time to fight for fair compensation as much as it reduces financial pressures for you.

Lawsuit loans make it possible for you to ease financial burdens for you and your family while refusing to settle for less than you deserve. With this pre-settlement cash advance, you’ll be able to take care of your immediate needs while taking legal action for your rights.

How Do Lawsuit Loans Work?

Kentucky lawsuit funding is very straightforward. Pre-settlement funding in Kentucky is often called a lawsuit loan, though it is different from a bank loan. Instead, you obtain pre-settlement funding through legal funding companies that provide cash advances to Kentucky residents with lawsuits.

The process begins with an application that requires details about your case and the type of lawsuit. Legal funding services are offered to those who file a lawsuit after an accident occurred, medical malpractice, and other personal injury accidents resulting in bodily injury. All clients must have an attorney to get a lawsuit loan as they will need to provide the details about your case such as the defendant’s liability and expected case outcome. Once you submit this application, it will be evaluated on the risk and strength of your case rather than using your credit report. 

If you have a strong legal case, you will most likely be approved for your settlement advance. You will be given a maximum loan amount that you can borrow against your expected settlement. Pre-settlement funding works just like a non-recourse loan, which means you do not need to worry about repayment or repayment terms if you do not win your case. Legal funding in Kentucky is a big risk for funding companies, which is why the strength of your case is the biggest determining factor for approving your lawsuit loan.

What to Know About Kentucky Pre-Settlement Funding

At Pinnacle Legal Funding, we offer Kentucky residents in Bowling Green and throughout the state pre-settlement funding to make it easier to get money now. You will not need to go through a credit check or jump through hoops like you would with a bank loan.

When you are provided legal funding after your approval, you won’t have to worry about waiting for your case to finish. Without this option, many Kentucky accident victims are left without a way to take care of their expenses. The application process is a breeze, allowing you to conveniently apply online in minutes. Your attorney does not need to approve your pre-settlement funding, though you must have one in order to be eligible for this type of financial support.

How Can I Use Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Loans in Kentucky?

All Kentucky residents should know that pre-settlement funding is called a lawsuit loan but it is a non-recourse type of loan that provides money upfront. Your case will be reviewed to make sure that state law regarding the pure comparative fault system won’t impact your settlement amount by holding you partially responsible and that your case is strong. Clients get risk free financial assistance immediately upon approval.

You can then use your lawsuit loan to pay for anything that you need including:

  • Medical expenses
  • Groceries
  • Utilities
  • Property damage
  • Rent or mortgage payments
  • Car or insurance payments
  • Other bills

As a victim, you should never be stuck with the additional burdens caused by another person’s negligent actions. This is why settlement loans were created, allowing plaintiffs to get immediate financial recovery. Many people are surprised about the difficulties they face when insurance coverage is not enough to cover the injury expenses, let alone all the other expenses from these circumstances. 

Your attorney and pre-settlement funding gives you all the help you need throughout this process. You can even get secondary financing, even with previous funding on your case. You will reduce your stress and be able to heal from your injuries while your attorney fights for your legal rights.

The physical pain and mental anguish you have endured is the reason why Kentucky allows for legal recourse with lawsuits. While these injuries and resulting damages can thrust you into debt, you can now take the power back with Pinnacle Legal Funding.

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How to Apply for a Kentucky Lawsuit Loan

Pinnacle Legal Funding makes it easy to apply for lawsuit loans and provides fast approvals for loans on lawsuits. We provide monetary advances for a wide array of cases including personal injury where you have been harmed through negligent actions of others. Auto accidents are among the most common types of cases where Kentucky victims need lawsuit loans though you can use it for other types of civil lawsuits to get the money you need.

We focus on making this process stress-free, fast, and easy to navigate. Our application form requires details about your accident or personal injury including where it happened, how it occurred, and who was involved. You’ll also need to provide basic information about the extent and severity of your injuries as well as how they have impacted your life. If you are expected to recover from your injuries, you should include this too, or note that your injuries are permanent in nature.

Your attorney does not need to grant approval to apply for this financing though you may want to have them assist you with providing details regarding your case. This helps us determine how much we can extend to you. Your attorney will also be able to give us an estimate on what they expect you to win to further speed up the approval process.  

Apply for Lawsuit Funding in Kentucky

Lawsuit loans in Kentucky are a relief with Pinnacle Legal Funding. We are proud to be among the leaders in the industry with a goal to simplify this process for victims of injuries due to negligence, whether by car crash or in other types of personal injury cases.

We provide you with the financial assistance you need immediately and make it easy to apply quickly. The stronger your claim, the more likely you will be to gain access to your funds in as little as 24 hours. You can then add it to your bank account to keep from getting a negative balance and use it to cover your costs.We offer you the chance for a risk free settlement advance that you do not have to pay back if you lose. Alleviate your worries by contacting us today to find out how much money you can get with a pre-settlement lawsuit loan.