Arizona pre-settlement loans are an excellent solution when you’re in the middle of personal injury lawsuits, especially car accidents. Once you make a personal injury claim and the insurance company won’t give you the amount you deserve or denies your claim, a personal injury lawsuit is the next logical step.

Unfortunately, this may mean that you’ll be waiting for the money that you may need right now. Pinnacle Legal Funding helps eliminate that wait with personal injury lawsuit loans. With Arizona lawsuit loans, you can get back on your feet while you await your settlement.

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding?

Pre-settlement funding, also known as legal funding, lawsuit funding, or lawsuit loans, is more of a cash advance than an actual loan. This financial arrangement allows plaintiffs with personal injury claims in car accidents and other situations to receive a portion of their expected settlement before the resolution of the case.

Personal injury lawsuit loans can be used to pay medical bills, legal fees, and living expenses such as mortgage payments or payments for car loans. Legal funding helps replace lost wages while you are out of work, providing you with money when it is most needed.

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Is Pre-Settlement Funding Worth It?

Pre-settlement funding is often worth it for many injured plaintiffs who are expecting to get a large settlement after car accidents and other personal injuries. Legal funding may even become necessary as insurance companies prolong negotiations.

The insurance company may think that by making you wait to get your payout, you’ll settle for less than you deserve. Lawsuit loans buy you more time, allowing your attorney to do their best work and negotiate a fair settlement.

Legal funding, car accident loans, and surgery funding all have the same purpose, which is to keep you from settling for less while giving you money to ease your financial burden while you await your settlement check. You can take care of your immediate needs by receiving a portion of the expected settlement upfront.

When you have the money you need to pay your bills and the expenses associated with your injuries while still being able to support your family, it greatly reduces the stress in your life. Lawsuit loans are more like lawsuit cash advances. Through these cash advances, plaintiffs can withstand a drawn-out legal battle without going into financial ruin as they await the verdict for car accident, truck accidents, workers’ compensation cases, civil rights lawsuits, and other types of lawsuit cases. See what plaintiffs are saying in customer testimonials about how Pinnacle Legal Funding helped them stay afloat.

How Do Lawsuit Loans Work?

Pre-settlement funding in Arizona is a simple process. A lawsuit loan is different from the type of loan you’d take out with the bank with high interest rates and the need for a good credit score. Lawsuit loan companies offer pre-settlement funding with the completion of an application.

The lawsuit loan application will ask for details on the merits of the case and the type of lawsuit. Obtaining legal funding also requires having an attorney on the case taking legal action on your behalf. Lawyers are required to provide details about the case and potential outcome.

Once you submit your application, the funding company will assess your risk and evaluate the strength of your case. It will also consider your potential settlement amount. When you receive approval, you will be issued a maximum loan amount that you can borrow against your potential settlement.

Arizona lawsuit loans are non-recourse, which means if you lose your case, you do not need to pay back what you borrowed. Lawsuit loans are a big risk to the funding company, which is why they must conduct a thorough case review to determine if the risk is worth it. You don’t need your attorney’s approval to choose legal funding, but their advice can help you make the right decision in your circumstances.

How Can I Use My Arizona Pre-Settlement Funding Money?

You can use your legal loan money in any way you choose as there are no restrictions. Most people who use lawsuit funding will spend it on:

  • Medical expenses
  • Weekly groceries
  • Utility bills
  • Property repair or replacement
  • Rent or mortgage
  • Car payment
  • Other living expenses

The financial relief you need is available through pre-settlement lawsuit funding. After a car accident or other legal case, it can be a huge relief to get money right away rather than wait months or years before your case concludes.

You’ve been through enough, and the pain of your physical injuries, the emotional toll of your psychological injuries, and worrying about financial strife can make it even harder for you to recover. Instead of enduring more suffering caused by someone’s negligent actions, you can take control with non-recourse funding in Arizona through Pinnacle Legal Funding.

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Apply for an Pre-Settlement Loans in Arizona

Lawsuit loans in Arizona are easy with Pinnacle Legal Funding. Arizona residents undergoing an Arizona lawsuit shouldn’t be forced to wait months or years to get their settlements while sinking further into debt.

A pre-settlement loan on your pending lawsuit can simplify your life. Even better, we don’t complicate the application process. In the Grand Canyon State, you can apply for financial help through these litigation funds to reduce your burden until your settlement or verdict has been completed.

If you have a strong claim, you may be able to receive these funds within 24 hours. You can then put it in your bank account and ensure you’ll be able to pay your household bills, take care of all your medical treatments, and get back on your feet.  

Arizona is an at-fault state, which means that those who are injured are sometimes blamed for the accident. Your attorney will stand up for your legal rights, but your case could take much longer than you expect. In that time, will you have enough money to care for yourself and your loved ones?Pinnacle Legal Funding alleviates that worry and stress by giving you an easy way to get your money now. If your claim doesn’t work out in your favor, you don’t have to pay back the loan. Contact us today to find out how much money you can get on your lawsuit loan!